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The key differences of the Type TT from the Type GT are the larger 65mm front fenders, featuring a new added flare and vented top front fenders to release heat from brakes, the G-Face front bumper has the added molds to match with new front fender curvature, slightly larger carbon fiber front bumper canards, a much larger Carbon/FRP diffuser, and added diffuser canards that attach to the sides of the larger front undersweep. This kit also includes additional carbon diffusers that cap over the existing side skirt for a wider and more aggressive look as well as an additional carbon fiber canard for complete the look. 

G-Face Wide Body Full Kit Type TT 22 piece complete kit for Mazda FD3S RX-7  includes:

  • Front Bumper in FRP
  • Front Bumper Extensions x2 in FRP
  • Front Type TT Diffuser Canards x2 Carbon
  • Front Type TT Diffuser Carbon/FRP
  • Front Type TT Canards x2 Carbon
  • Front 65mm fenders x2 in FRP
  • Front Type GT fender diffusers x2 in Carbon
  • Side Skirts x2 in FRP/Carbon
  • Side Skirt Diffuser x2 in Carbon
  • Side Skit Canard x2  in Carbon
  • Rear Fender Extensions x2 in FRP
  • Rear 65mm fenders x2 in FRP

For track applications the Type TT diffuser requires optional aluminium reinforcement brackets. 

TCP Magic Type TT RACE Carbon

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